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BIPM CBKT Programme  ‘remote-learning service’ ​
We are pleased to inform you that the BIPM CBKT Programme has launched a ‘remote-learning service’ It aims to provide online assistance to NMI/DI staff from Member States and Associates in their involvement in the CIPM MRA mechanisms. 

The remote learning support has two elements aimed to optimize the use of the KCDB tools:

  •  "KCDB 2.0 - Online short course". The courses are expected to be delivered in consultation with a particular RMO, with the inclusion of specific elements for that RMO.
  •  "KCDB 2.0 - Online technical exchanges". These one hour online technical exchanges will focus on particular topics related to the KCDB and will typically require participants to prepare by watching a selection of short video clips and/or presentations. The sessions will be based on a 'questions and answers' format with experts from the BIPM team. The first session will be held on 9th June 2020 and will be focused for CMC Writers in general physics 
Click here for full details on this opportunity 

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