The Membership  

  • AFRIMETS consists of:

  • Principal Members: the Institutes responsible for Scientific&Industrial (NMIs) and/or Legal metrology (LMIs), that are members of a sub-regional metrology organisation (Sub-RMO) and either signed the sub-RMO MoU or the AFRIMETS MoU, and representing their countries; Ordinary members: Institutes/countries that does not belong to a Sub-RMO and signs the AFRIMETS MoU; Associate Members: Designated institutes in Africa, NMIs, LMIs outside Africa; Observer Members; All organisations/bodies interested in Metrology.             

    Principal Members (48)
    Angola​ Benin​ Cameroon​ Kenya​ Morocco​ Egypt​
    Botswana​, Comoros The Gambia Central African Republic​​ Uganda​​ Algeria​​ Nigeria​​
    Democratic Republic of Congo​​ Burkina Faso Chad​​ Rwanda​​ Tunisia​​ Ethiopia​
    Lesotho​​ Cabo Verde Congo Brazzaville​​ Burundi​​ Mauritania​​ Ghana​​
    Madagascar​​ Côte d’Ivoire​​ Equatorial Guinea​​ ​South Sudan Republic of Sudan​​
    Malawi​​ Ghana* Gabon​​ Libya​​
    Mauritius​​ Guinea​​
    Mozambique​​ ​​Liberia
    Namibia​​ ​Niger
    Seychelles​​ ​Nigeria*
    South Africa​ Sierra Leone​
    Swaziland​​ ​Senegal
    Tanzania​​ ​Togo

         * Ghana and Nigeria participates in the GA with NEWMET until further notice

Ordinary Members (Countries not members of the Sub-RMOs)

    • There are currently no Ordinary members

Associate Members 

    • PTB (Germany)
    • LNE (France)
    • IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency)
    • NIRPS (National Institute of Radiation Protection and Research, Nigeria)
    • TAEC (Tanzania Atomic Energy Corporation)
    • GRPI (Ghana Radiation Protection Institute)
    • MADAGASCAR -INSTN (Institut National des Sciences et Techniques Nucléaires) 
    • EMI (Emirates Metrology Institute)
    • iTHemba Labs (Designated institute for High energy neutron metrology, South Africa) 

Observer Members 

    • AFM (Arab Federation for Metrology)
    • AFRAC (African Accreditation Cooperation)
    • AFSEC (African Electrotechnical Standardization Commission)
    • ARSO (African Organisation for Standardisation)
    • CAFMET (African Committee for Metrology)
    • APMP
    • COOMET
    • SIM 
    • IMEKO