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The Republic of the Sudan is an Associate of the CGPM as of 26 June 2014.




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  • GMA Group Course 2015​
  • Course on Quality and Measurement (in French) - RFQM 2015, 28th to 30th April 2015 in Angers, France
  • FORUMESURE 2015, 19th to 21st May 2015 in Algiers, Algeria
  • International Conference of Metrology CAFMET 2016 in Dakar, Senegal

 2015 International Congress of Metrology








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Dear AFRIMETS Member,


The annual AFRIMETS General Assembly and associated meetings were going to be held in the CEMAC  region during July 2015. Unfortunately CEMAC is not in a position to host the meeting and in consultation with the AFRIMETS leadership core and the sponsors, it was decided to in the place of the General Assembly, hold an extended Executive Committee meeting and a few associated meetings in a location that is easily accessible. South Africa and the PTB joined forces to host the meetings at the Oliver Tambo international airport at the Emperor’s Palace conference centre.

The Technical Committee for Mass & Related quantities will meet over two days (Tuesday and Wednesday 28 and 29 July).

The Technical Committee meeting for Quality Systems will meet on Tuesday 28 July.

The Executive Committee and invited guests will meet on Wednesday 29 July. Directors of NMIs or LMIs  that is not part of the EXCO may attend this meeting as observers.

The EXCOM will be followed by an open session that is essentially the first part of the General Assembly, from 17h00 on Wednesday 29 July. Our stakeholders such as AUC, PAQI, ARSO, AFRAC, AFSEC, the BIPM  and OIML and others are invited to join us for a business dinner.

The CEO of the NMISA is inviting all Directors of NMIs/LMIs or their representatives to a Director’s meeting on Thursday morning 30 July. This meeting will focus on the strategies in AFRIMETS and issues of importance to the institutes.

We will communicate at a later stage on a Technical Committee for Legal metrology meeting. It may be possible to fit in a meeting of this group after the TC-Mass & related quantities meeting, thus the second half of Wednesday 29 July.

We apologise for any inconvenience. The AFRIMETS executive committee will take measures at this year’s meeting to ensure that contingency plans are in place should the host that volunteered not be available.

Best regards,

The AFRIMETS Secretariat




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