AFRIMETS Documents

Folder: 3rd GA
Folder: 5th GA Nairobi 2011
Folder: 6th GA Cotonou 2012
AFR-07-001E Published MOU English.pdf
AFRIMETS 2009 CMC review I Veldman.pdf
AFRIMETS 2009 Role of AFRIMETS WGs W Louw A El Sayed.pdf
AFRIMETS 2009 role of RLMO's S Carstens.pdf






AFRIMETS Metrology in Short 2010-01.pdf
Louw Technical Paper - June 2010.pdf
Revised SI for 20 May 2019 press release and info on poster downloads.pdf
SI poster 1_Measurement_FINAL_A1 for printing.pdf
SI poster 2_RevisedSI_FINAL_A1 for printing.pdf
SI poster 3_Constants_FINAL_A1 for printing.pdf
SI poster 4_basic_FINAL_A1.pdf
WMD2021 message AFRIMETS Chair.pdf





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